I am using metadata api with c#. Below code is not giving me an error but still it is not creatng the field in salesforce. Please suggest.

                    CF = new MetadataAPI.CustomField();
                    CF.description = "invoices";
                    CF.fullName = "mynamespace__" + co.fullName + "." + Fields[i].Replace(" ", "_") + "__c"; 
                    CF.label = "invoices";
                    CF.type = MetadataAPI.FieldType.Lookup;
                    CF.referenceTo = "Opportunity";
                    CF.relationshipLabel = "invoices";
                    CF.relationshipName = "invoices";
                    CF.relationshipOrderSpecified = false;
                    ASyncResCFS = MetadataSvc.create(new CustomField [] {CF});
  • Have you checked the SaveResult that the create method returns for errors? Jun 11 '17 at 23:40
  • Yes I did but it says no error. I am able to create other type of fields but not lookup.
    – Mehul
    Jun 12 '17 at 7:29

Just tried to replicate with the following code:

MetadataService metadataService = salesforceSession.GetMetadataService();

string fieldName = "testLookup";
string SFType = "Account";

CustomField cf = new CustomField();
cf.fullName = SFType + "." + fieldName + "__c";
cf.type = FieldType.Lookup;
cf.typeSpecified = true;
cf.label = fieldName + " label";
cf.referenceTo = "Opportunity";
cf.relationshipLabel = "Test Accounts";
cf.relationshipName = "test";
cf.relationshipOrderSpecified = false;
cf.lengthSpecified = false;

SaveResult[] saveResults = metadataService.createMetadata(new CustomField[] { cf });



The SaveResult was successful and returned the fullName. One thing to note, by org was a developer edition and it did have a namespace defined. Yet I didn't need to include that namespace in the code and it didn't come back in the fullName.

I was using v40.0 of the Metadata API.

Created Lookup field via Metadata API


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