I've created a community. From community register pages, public user can able to Register as a community user. It works fine in sandbox, but when I deploy it to production and try to create the user it shows me error that

Company has reached the available portal license limit.

I can see there are 240 licence available in sand box and I've not used any licence in production yet. means, Licence is available on my org. please check the below licence screenshot of my production org. enter image description here

Please check the below licence screenshot of my Sandbox org.enter image description here

Why above community licence name are different in sandbox and production, and why I'm not able to create community user in production


Customer community and customer community login are two different licenses, I'm not sure which license you are looking for but you should be able to match production licenses to sandbox


Please post the apex code for the registration process to understand what exactly is happening. My assumption is your registration process is trying to register user with salesforce license and not community.

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