I have a few Account record types:

Allied Healthcare staff Contracting Company, Carer Account, Community Account, DVA Account, Faciltiy Account, Medicare Account

My requirement is that whenever an Account is created by any means with the above Record Types there are certain fields that should be updated.

Now our Sandbox org has limitations .We are advised not to use Trigger for achieving this requirement.

I tried to use a workflow rule to achieve this requirement enter image description here

I am not aware of the fact that in the immidiate action if I can use field update option to update more than one fields. Or will it be better to use a process builder for this .Please guide


For field update, you can have multiple field update actions for single Workflow rule.

Though in process builder also you can do multiple field updates in a single rule.

Only thing is that, in terms of execution of actions, workflow rule executes first followed by process builder.

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