i am looking for Biscom App for Salesforce for Automated Email/Fax sending process but i am unable to find it on Web . help me out to find the Biscom Package for Salesforce or any other heuristic Approach to integrate Biscom Fax service with Salesforce....


It doesn't exist, but we created it, their solution only handled communications between SFDC and a Faxcom server. Everything inside SFDC had to be built..but the good news is, we just finished a full implementation of the Biscom/Faxcom to SFDC, complete with document generation/handling for faxing out from Accounts/Contacts/Cases as well as inbound routing using a barcode to automatically attach the returned fax to the Contact/Case Object. Be happy to discuss further if you're still interested, otherwise you'll want to reach out to Biscom for their basic connector. Inbound Fax Handler [![Document Generator][2]][2] Send Outbound Fax

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