Listening to a webinar from Eliot Harper on Adv. AMPscript (and it's great!), and he mentions - among other things - that the use of AttributeValue is a best practice.

Overall, though, is there a full collection of best practices anywhere? I haven't been able to find a comprehensive best practice document for ampscript?


Based on the information I find, I will write out the best practices i find. Any edits and suggestions are more than welcome to the addition:

  • Use AttributeValue to pull in field values for more stable builds
  • Use RedirectTo on any link including ampscript to ensure proper tracking
  • Use MicroSiteURL or CloudPagesURL when linking to SFMC landing pages, as this generates an encrypted query string (added security) + you can get parameters passed using e.g. AMPscript
  • Use LookupRows combined with RowCount and Field, instead of doing a direct Lookup for a field value, to ensure you are getting a value and can handle when you do not retrieve a result
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