I have a vf page rendered as pdf. I have dynamic data table in this vf page. So at run time only I will get to know how many number of rows are there going to be. I want to show borders in this table somewhat like below picture: enter image description here

if the field value is a string it should start from the left side and if its an integer value it should lie on the right side similar to the picture. I have tried some solutions like: border="1" cellspacing="0" but this gives border for every row and columns which I do not want. Also I have tried: border-bottom="10px" , but this also does not work for me. Any idea on how should I approach this.

This is the first Vf page I am working on, so any help would be appreciated.



you can add css dynamically on td tag as style="{!if(your variable ='value','border-left: solid 1px red','')"

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