I am trying to add map of map values, I have to intialize the map key first and then try to add value later. Below is the exact logic i am trying to achieve.

Map<string,Map<string,List<string>>> finalMap = new Map<string,Map<string,List<string>>>();

Map<string,List<string>> subMap = new Map<string,List<string>>();
submap.put('One',new list<string>{'One','TWO'});

finalMap.put('SUB1',new Map<string,List<string>>());

//Do some logics and finally try to add the values with the key

finalmap.get('SUB1').put(subMap); //Error as stated below


ERROR :Method does not exist or incorrect signature: [Map<String,List<String>>].put(Map<String,List<String>>)


If you want to add a map onto existing map, use putAll() method.


It will add the entries of subDetails onto whatever Map finalMap contains aganist key 'DETAILS'.


You have to add like below



Get the existing value and den update it like below

Map<string,List<string>> subDetails= finalMap .get('DETAILS')
//-- Do your business logic to update subDetails and then add as below

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