Can someone explain the differences between the two Vf snippets below?

VF Snippet A:

<button type="button" onclick="{!CaseSubmitForm}">Submit a Ticket</button>

VF Snippet B:

    <apex:commandButton action="{!getCaseSubmitForm}" immediate="true" value="Submit a Ticket"/>

Apex Controller Snippet:

public class Chat_SubmitCaseIfChatUnavailableClass {

    public PageReference getCaseSubmitForm (){
        return new pageReference('/apex/Chat_SubmitCaseIfChatUnavailable');

1) Why on snippet A I can call the method "{!CaseSubmitForm}" by referencing its name without the 'get' word but on snippet B I have to use the explicit name to call the function "{!getCaseSubmitForm}"

2) When I click on the button in snippet A I get the following error in the debugger:

Uncaught SyntaxError: Invalid regular expression flags

But when I click on the commandButton in snippet B it's working as expected?

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apex:commandButton action is bound to its controller apex method name where as this is not the case with html button element.

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