I am attaching debug log which is showing CPU is all most hit limit.

Number of SOQL queries: 2 out of 100
Number of query rows: 5619 out of 50000
Number of SOSL queries: 0 out of 20
Number of DML statements: 3 out of 150
Number of DML rows: 47 out of 10000
Maximum CPU time: 9433 out of 10000 ******* CLOSE TO LIMIT
Maximum heap size: 0 out of 6000000

here is main parts of debug log

07:39:13.0 (67000)|USER_INFO|[EXTERNAL]|00516000006pG2P|srekal01@roberthalf.com|Pacific Standard Time|GMT-07:00
07:39:13.0 (96969)|EXECUTION_STARTED
07:39:13.0 (101392)|CODE_UNIT_STARTED|[EXTERNAL]|06616000002epo1|VF: /apex/CreatingAndMaintaingQuestions
07:39:13.0 (23821501)|METHOD_ENTRY|[8]|01p16000004wQcq|CreatingAndMaintaingQuestionsCtrl.CreatingAndMaintaingQuestionsCtrl()
07:39:13.0 (23888624)|METHOD_EXIT|[8]|CreatingAndMaintaingQuestionsCtrl
07:39:13.0 (53865203)|DML_BEGIN|[317]|Op:Update|Type:Requisition__c|Rows:1
07:39:13.0 (78045441)|CODE_UNIT_STARTED|[EXTERNAL]|Validation:Requisition:a0P1600000BwPBy
07:39:13.0 (79220306)|CODE_UNIT_FINISHED|Validation:Requisition:a0P1600000BwPBy
07:39:13.0 (109513715)|CODE_UNIT_STARTED|[EXTERNAL]|01q16000001MACT|RequisitionTrigger on Requisition trigger event AfterUpdate for [a0P1600000BwPBy]
07:39:13.0 (153755280)|CODE_UNIT_FINISHED|RequisitionTrigger on Requisition trigger event AfterUpdate for [a0P1600000BwPBy]
07:39:13.0 (154314997)|CODE_UNIT_STARTED|[EXTERNAL]|Workflow:01I16000002cLv0
07:39:13.0 (176993997)|WF_FLOW_ACTION_BEGIN|09L16000000GqND
07:39:13.177 (177081284)|FLOW_CREATE_INTERVIEW_BEGIN|00DA0000000KKvp|30016000000TzHJ|301160000000NCC
07:39:13.177 (178903917)|FLOW_CREATE_INTERVIEW_END|2674330c60d0fd141f9753e2ecfa15c4531840e-73d0|Update Candidate Status When Requisition Status Changes
07:39:13.179 (179273741)|FLOW_START_INTERVIEWS_BEGIN|1
07:39:13.179 (180204151)|FLOW_START_INTERVIEW_BEGIN|2674330c60d0fd141f9753e2ecfa15c4531840e-73d0|Update Candidate Status When Requisition Status Changes
07:39:13.179 (182823203)|FLOW_START_INTERVIEW_END|2674330c60d0fd141f9753e2ecfa15c4531840e-73d0|Update Candidate Status When Requisition Status Changes
07:39:13.179 (182835114)|FLOW_START_INTERVIEWS_END|1
07:39:13.0 (184834647)|WF_FLOW_ACTION_END|09L16000000GqND
07:39:13.0 (203082844)|CODE_UNIT_FINISHED|Workflow:01I16000002cLv0
07:39:13.0 (204337281)|DML_END|[317]
07:39:13.0 (204551394)|DML_BEGIN|[321]|Op:Upsert|Type:Question__c|Rows:32
07:39:13.0 (623423795)|CODE_UNIT_STARTED|[EXTERNAL]|01q16000001MACS|QuestionTrigger on Question trigger event AfterInsert for [a0O1600000NBNSd, a0O1600000NBNSe, a0O1600000NBNSf, a0O1600000NBNSg, a0O1600000NBNSh, a0O1600000NBNSi, a0O1600000NBNSj, a0O1600000NBNSk, a0O1600000NBNSl, a0O1600000NBNSm, a0O1600000NBNSn, a0O1600000NBNSo, a0O1600000NBNSp, a0O1600000NBNSq, a0O1600000NBNSr, a0O1600000NBNSs, a0O1600000NBNSt, a0O1600000NBNSu, a0O1600000NBNSv, a0O1600000NBNSw, a0O1600000NBNSx, a0O1600000NBNSy, a0O1600000NBNSz, a0O1600000NBNT0, a0O1600000NBNT1, a0O1600000NBNT2, a0O1600000NBNT3, a0O1600000NBNT4, a0O1600000NBNT5, a0O1600000NBNT6, a0O1600000NBNT7, a0O1600000NBNT8]
07:39:13.0 (626408500)|METHOD_ENTRY|[7]|01p16000004wQcz|QuestionTriggerHandler.QuestionTriggerHandler()
07:39:13.0 (626428661)|METHOD_EXIT|[7]|QuestionTriggerHandler
07:39:13.0 (626458396)|METHOD_ENTRY|[9]|01p16000004wQcz|QuestionTriggerHandler.afterInsert(List)
07:39:13.0 (626535199)|METHOD_ENTRY|[10]|01p16000004wQcz|QuestionTriggerHandler.updateAccountQuestionMasterList(List)
07:39:13.0 (630356391)|SOQL_EXECUTE_BEGIN|[24]|Aggregations:2|SELECT Id, (SELECT Id FROM Company_Questions__r), (SELECT Id FROM Requisitions__r WHERE (Open_For_Submission__c = TRUE AND Form_Created__c = TRUE)) FROM Account
07:39:13.0 (908437159)|SOQL_EXECUTE_END|[24]|Rows:479
07:39:16.812 (3918001865)|SOQL_EXECUTE_BEGIN|[48]|Aggregations:0|SELECT Id FROM Requisition__c
07:39:16.812 (4186422097)|SOQL_EXECUTE_END|[48]|Rows:5140
07:39:49.835 (37373727559)|METHOD_ENTRY|[48]||Database.QueryLocatorIterator.next()
07:39:49.835 (37373788041)|METHOD_EXIT|[48]||Database.QueryLocatorIterator.next()
*** Skipped 156024742 bytes of detailed log
07:39:49.835 (37377209166)|VARIABLE_ASSIGNMENT|[49]|ques|{"LastModifiedDate":"2017-05-26T14:39:14.000Z","Question_Text__c":"Location worked","IsDeleted":false,"Display_Dependant_Va (6 more) ...":"Yes","CurrencyIsoCode":"USD","Name":"Q-1035396","SystemModstamp":"2017-05-26T14:39:14.000Z","OwnerId":"00516000006pG2PAAU","CreatedById":"00516000006pG2PAAU","Requisition__c":"a0P1600000BwPByEAN","Type__c":"Multi-line text","Template_Question__c":"a0O1600000p2sPZEAY","RecordTypeId":"012160000014KvOAAU","CreatedDate":"2017-05-26T14:39:14.000Z","Order__c":20,"Id":"a0O1600000NBNSwEAP","LastModifiedById":"00516000006pG2PAAU"}|0x3532e45f
07:39:49.835 (37377217673)|STATEMENT_EXECUTE|[49]
07:39:49.835 (37377240830)|STATEMENT_EXECUTE|[50]

I am thinking following SOQL query is taking longer time..

for(Question__c quest :[SELECT 
                            id, Question_Text__c, Picklist_Options__c , Type__c, Order__c, recordTypeId,
                            recordType.name, Display_Dependant_Value__c, Display_Dependant_Question__c
                            Template_Question__c = null
                                (recordType.name =: System.Label.Record_Type_Standard_Template)
                                OR(Id IN :compQuesSet AND recordType.name = :System.Label.Record_Type_Custom_Template)
                                OR (recordType.name = :System.Label.Record_type_Form_Question 
                                    AND Requisition__c =: requisition.Id
                        ORDER BY 

it is causing timeout many times. Could you suggest how to solve problem?

  • SOQL doesn't even count against your CPU usage. – Adrian Larson Jun 6 '17 at 13:05
  • The query itself may take a while to run, but I believe that SOQL itself doesn't count towards the CPU limit (take a look at the 5 CPU time is calculated for all executions aside about a quarter down the page documenting goverrnor limits . It's much more likely that your issue resides inside the for loop that you've provided. Using the analysis perspective in the dev console (open a log, Debug -> Switch Perspective -> Analysis (predefined) ) should help narrow your search. – Derek F Jun 6 '17 at 13:09

By looking at your query I noticed that you are querying on NULL.

In Salesforce a query on NULL requires a full table scan unless you add a custom index to it (See Best Practises). I would be careful with this query and put the Template_Question__c = null part at the end of the query if this is needed and also add an index.

Depending on how big your Question__c object is (e.g. the number of records it contains) this query can take a long time.

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Thanks Derek, Adrian for response.

I filed two tickets with sales force and they did not help.

Finally i did following things.

I wrote scheduled job in sales force to run for every 15 minutes between 3 AM to 6 AM ( PST ) or 6 AM to 9 AM (EST). This scheduled job just run above query. This query started filling database cache before user started using the same query. So it is now working. Now user not getting timeout values. surprising news is I did not tune the query.

I am posting this solution because it may help others for problem.

This site helped me to find right solution. Thanks to all.

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