My user has the standard system administrator profile, and I have a very long string of 113 oAuth tokens on my user going back to 2012. I would like to remove all of them and start fresh, as it seems good to not have all these open tokens around for apps I no longer use, given that I'm an admin. None of these tokens are for an integration, as we use dedicated integration users, so its just a long list of apps over the course of 5+ years.

a small set of the long list

I cannot find any way to do this in bulk - only option is to click remove on each one individually. I can see that on a given connected app there is a 'revoke all' button, but no such functionality on a user's list of connected apps.

Is there any way to do this in bulk, without clicking remove next to each one? Or is there another way to approach this - ie resetting password? Or is this just not a security issue for other reasons?

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You could write some code to query the OAuthToken for a given user then make callouts to the revoke endpoint for each of the records using the deleteToken.

A token that can be used at the revoke OAuth token endpoint to remove this token.


Building it out to a VF page or some other tool to do it in one fell swoop. If you just need it this once, clicking revoke on each one may be the quickest way though

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