I have created a dataset in Wave Analytics through REST External data API. How can i retrieve the metadata files used for creating that dataset using JUST NAME OR ID OR OTHER COMMONLY AVAILABLE DETAILS of dataset?

The 2 ways that i am aware of to retrieve metadata.json file for a dataset are:

1. Using GET API /InsightsExternalData/ID:

I cannot use this way because InsightsExternalData id cannot be stored. As far as i know it is temporary which gets created everytime.

2. Using https://ap5.salesforce.com/insights/internal_api/v1.0/esObject/edgemart/dataset_id/version/version_id/file/main.xmd.json

I cannot use this way either because the response from this API doesn't gives me exact information that i use to create the metadata file for that dataset.


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parentID - ID after uploading the InsightExternalData header object

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