When we export a lightning community design (based on Napili) as Lightning Bolt Solution, CSS brandings are not included in the solution.

Is this a bug?

If not, can you point me to documentation where it specifically says CSS branding is not included?


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It is not a bug, this is not included and mentioned in the documentation

The following items are not included when you export a template. After you import the template and use it create a community in the destination org, you must manually reconfigure these items.

  1. Most Administration settings (except for the settings already listed).

  2. Community Builder settings, including head markup and the Google Tracking ID.

  3. Custom theme layouts that aren’t in use. Only theme layouts that are selected in Settings | Theme are included.

  4. Custom styles in the CSS editor.

  5. Localized content for multilingual communities.

  6. Non-default page variations; only default page variations are included. If a page doesn’t have a default variation—for example, a page with two variations that are both set to audience-based visibility—the page is excluded entirely.

As you can see Custom styles in the CSS editor are not included

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