I am trying to instantiate

public WMB_AccountBillingInfoService.Unpaid[] Remittance;


WMB_AccountBillingInfoService.BillLocation[] billloc = custbill.BillLocation; 
    WMB_AccountBillingInfoService.Unpaid[] openRem= billloc.Remittance; 

What will be the correct way? Please help.

  • Is custbill.BillLocation a list? If so, you'd have to iterate through your BillLocation objects to get all the Unpaid objects out of them. – sfdcfox May 31 '17 at 17:09

You are trying to access Remittance from List. That's why you are getting that error.

You need to loop through the list and access Remittance from the SObject as follows:

WMB_AccountBillingInfoService.BillLocation[] billloc = custbill.BillLocation; 

for(WMB_AccountBillingInfoService.BillLocation billlocObj:billloc)
    WMB_AccountBillingInfoService.Unpaid[] openRem = billlocObj.Remittance;

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