I configured a journey in Marketing Cloud where i sent an email. My requirement is adding BCC email addresses to this email, but I noticed that we can only add valid email addresses. Could you confirm me that is not possible to add BCC /CC Address using personalization strings or Ampscript functions (e.g. Lookup) inside the Journey Email's settings?

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Now it's possibile to manage this use case ;) Before you need to open a case to request the activation of the CC and BCC feature.

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I just received feedback from salesforce marketing cloud technical support and they confirmed me that at this time it is not possible to include a personalization string or ampscript function in the bcc or cc field of the journey builder email activity. It will only accept one valid email address.

  • This is no longer the case. You can add multiple addresses and personalization strings or inline AMPscript is now supported. Refer to this answer. Nov 29, 2020 at 21:57

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