My Vf page have 3 steps. And I'm try to show google map in step 3.

 <apex:PageBlockSection title="Google Maps" columns="2">
                <input id="pac-input" class="controls" type="text" placeholder="Search Box" value="{!Address}" autocomplete="on"/>              
                <div id="map"></div> 

But when I open the 3rd step my map is blank. If I show google map in step 1, on load the map displays correctly.

What I'm missing for?


You could use apex:map to discuss google kind of map in Visualforce.

<apex:map width="500px" height="175px" zoomLevel="15" mapType="roadmap" 
      <apex:mapMarker title="{!accountObj.Name}" 

For more information, refer apex:map

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