Hi This is a generic question

I was looking through a piece of code and came across the following within a visualforce page. Can anyone give me any ideas as to what it means exactly. It looks like angular js about which I have no idea what so ever . So any tutorial with some starting point will be appreciated.

<html lang="en-US" xmlns:ng="http://angularjs.org"  ng-app="ngApp" id="ng-app" ng-controller="masterCtrl">

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Yes that is typical Angular code. Look for .js files included in the page and inside those you will find JavaScript used by the page.

There is a lot more to Angular than those declarations: if you really want to understand I suggest you work your way through this AngularJS Fundamentals material from https://egghead.io. Their format is short and very much to the point videos: I've found them really helpful.

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