Hi and thanks in advance. I created my first trigger and it does what it is supposed to do. The problem comes in when creating a test.

Please look at this and offer advice.

trigger Reg_Request_to_Reg on Registration_Request__c (after insert) {
    List<Registration__c> newRegistration = new List <Registration__c>();
        for (Registration_Request__c reg : trigger.new) {

            Registration__c newReg = new Registration__c();
            newReg.Account_Name__c = reg.Account__c;
            newReg.Opportunity_Name__c = reg.Opportunity_Name__c;
            newReg.Product__c = reg.Product__c;
            newReg.Manufacturer__c = reg.Manufacturer__c;

    insert newRegistration;

    public class UpdateRegistrationfromRegRequest 
         static testMethod void testInsertintoReg  ()  {
             //Set up the Account record.
            Registration_Request__c a = new Registration_Request__c (Account__c='krista test');
            insert a;

            //set up the Registration Request record
            a = [Select Name, Account__c FROM Registration_Request__c WHERE Account__c = :a.Account__c];
            System.assertEquals('this is a good test', a.Account__c);

            //Set up the Registration record     
            String RegistrationName = 'Eric';
            Registration__c r = new Registration__c(Account_Name__c=a.Account__c, Opportunity_Name__c=a.Opportunity_Name__c);

            //Cause the trigger to execute
            insert a;
            System.debug('Price before inserting new book: ' + r.Account_Name__c);

            //Verify results are as expected
            a=[Select Account__c FROM Registration_Request__c WHERE Account__c = :a.Account__c];
            System.assertEquals('this is the second test', a.Account__c);

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    Welcome to StackExchange. In order to better assist you can you elaborate on what problem you're facing? IS there an error?
    – greenstork
    Commented Oct 3, 2013 at 17:08

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You are not creating any of your test data. I assume you are getting some sort of Invalid Cross Reference error.

Adjust your test code to something like this. Haven't tested it, but should work

    public class UpdateRegistrationfromRegRequest 
         static testMethod void testInsertintoReg  ()  {

            //Create your data       

            Account a = new Account(Name = 'Test Account');
            insert a;

            Opportunity o = new Opportunity(Name = 'Test Opp', AccountId = a.id, StageName = 'Your Stage Name', CloseDate = system.today().adddays(7));
            insert o;

            Product__c p = new Product__c(Name= 'Test Product');
            insert p;

            Manufacturer__c  m = new Manufacturer__c(Name = 'Test Manufacturer');
            insert m;

            //Now you need to create your Registration Request to test the trigger
            Registration_Request__c request = new Registration_Request__c (Account__c = a.Id, Opportunity_Name__c = o.Name, Product__c = p.Id, Manufacturer__c = m.Id);
            insert req;

            //Now we need to test to make sure the registration was created
            Registration__c registration = [Select Id, Name, Account__c, Opportunity_Name__c, Product__c, Manufacturer__c From Registration__c Limit 1];

            system.assertEquals(registration.Account__c, request.Account__c);
            system.assertEquals(registration.Opportunity_Name__c, request.Opportunity_Name__c);
            system.assertEquals(registration.Product__c, request.Product__c);
            system.assertEquals(registration.Manufacturer__c, request.Manufacturer__c);


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