I am working on field service lightning , I am able see Service contract (Standard object)in salesforce classic but when i switch to salesforce Lightning then Service contract object is not visible . I checked profile/fls all permission are given properly to view Service Contract.


Service Contracts are available but unsearchable in Lightning.....

In order to get access to them, you will need to enable entitlements.

  1. From Setup, enter Entitlement Settings in the Quick Find box, then select Entitlement Settings.
  2. Select Enable Entitlement Management.
  3. Save

Once they have been enabled you will be able to manage Service Contract setups from object management settings.


This is a gap with LEX as Service Contracts are not searchable in LEX like they were in Classic. enter image description here

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As per the below help link you cannot view Service Contracts in LEX. Its a lightning limitation.

Customer Service Features: What's Different or Not Available in Lightning Experience

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