I'm able to display "₹" Indian rupee symbol in the visualforce page either by hard coding or by using some 5 digit code. But the same VF page when rendered as PDF "₹" Indian rupee symbol won't display. May I know how to display "₹" symbol in PDF?

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I have already tried that and it is not supported as of now. So you can't use that. Some workaround which you can use is either display INR or make a small PNG of Ruppe symbol and then conditional display that image. Not a good choice but you can use if you don't have any other choice else you can go with INR.

Here is a code sample in case someone want to try this.

<apex:page renderas="pdf">
  • This is not working, I am seeing a blank PDF, Has something changed after these many years ? Jun 1, 2022 at 10:46

Upload ₹ Indian Rupee Symbol in image format,into static resource and use it where ever you want in vf page by calling the static sresource

<apex:page renderas="pdf">
<div align="left"><apex:image url="{!$Resource.Rupee}" width="10" height="10"/></div>

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