I am using GTL with Ampscript to personalise an SMS by creating the task activity in Journey Builder which then talks to Salesforce data and triggers a SMS. I have used the description field to insert the SMS message.

This is what I did as per the instructions here

{{=Uppercase(Event."SalesforceObj8e3ec1484b"."Contact:FirstName")}}, message here

And I receive this as an SMS

""=Uppercase(Event."SalesforceObj8e3ec1484b"."Contact:FirstName")"", message here

It is basically replacing the curly braces with quotes. Did somebody had this problem? Do we have a work around on this?


In order to use GTL in SMS messages, you will need to escape OMM delimiters using the prefix %%{={{ }}=}%%.

For example, if you are using: {{=Add(1,1)}}

You should use: %%{={{ }}=}%%{{=Add(1,1)}} which will send an SMS with the output 2.

Now onto your code. It appears that you are attempting to use Journey Builder's data binding in the Event context within an SMS message. I'd be very surprised if this works. I'm pretty sure that you will need to use an AMPscript Lookup function instead (to reference a Data Extension containing the contact's first name) as I don't believe data binding contexts are passed to MobileConnect. You will need to rely on the MOBILE_NUMBER personalisation string in MobileConnect to lookup a corresponding first name using the Lookup AMPscript function.

  • Hi @eliot-harper, did you manage to have data binding contexts in Mobile Push/ Mobile Connect ? Thanks! – zeljazouli Dec 11 '17 at 13:39

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