I am developing a mobile app in iOS native for Salesforce users using the Salesforce mobile SDK. Almost I have completed the basic features like create, edit and delete records from my mobile app. I provided the logout option too. But the problem is when I logout the account in mobile app, it's logged out well. Then again, I am trying to login with same account, it allows the user to enter without Salesforce verification code. It seems something went wrong or something not cleared while logout. I don't have clear idea about this. I need the app asking each time verification code while login. I don't know anything I missed while logout. Please help me to resolve this issue.

Here is the code which I used to logout the account:

SFUserAccountManager *SFA=[SFUserAccountManager sharedInstance];
[SFA clearAllAccountState];
[SFA switchToNewUser];
[[SFAuthenticationManager sharedManager] logout];
[[NSNotificationCenter defaultCenter] postNotificationName:kSFUserWillLogoutNotification object:[SFAuthenticationManager sharedManager]];

You need only single statement

[[SFAuthenticationManager sharedManager] logout];

Don't do these.

SFA clearAllAccountState]; [SFA switchToNewUser];

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