I have the below vf Page through which I am trying to enter some data and saving it to custom object.

visualforce page:

<apex:page Controller="SubContractorController2"  docType="html-5.0">
<apex:form >
<apex:sectionHeader title="Subcontractor Company Edit" subtitle="New 
Subcontractor Company">
    <apex:pageBlock title="Subcontractor Company Edit">
    <apex:pageblockButtons >
            <apex:commandButton value="Save" action="{!Save}"/>

     <apex:pageBlockSection title="Information" columns="2">

            <apex:inputfield value="{!Subcompany.Name}" />
            <apex:inputfield value="{!Subcompany.Address__c}"/>
            <apex:inputField value="{!Subcompany.Website__c}"/>
            <apex:inputField value="{!Subcompany.City__c}"/>
            <apex:inputField value="{!Subcompany.Pre_Qualified__c}"/>
            <apex:inputField value="{!Subcompany.State__c}"/>
            <apex:inputField value="{!Subcompany.License_Number__c}"/>
            <apex:inputField value="{!Subcompany.Zip__c}"/>
            <apex:inputField value="{!Subcompany.Main_Phone_Number__c}" />
            <apex:pageBlockSection columns="1">
            <apex:inputField value="{!Subcompany.Trade__c}"/>

apex controller:

public class SubContractorController2 {
   Public Subcontractor_Company__c    Subcompany {get;set;}
   Public Subcontractor_Contact__c    Subcontact{get;set;}

   public void Save() {
        Subcontractor_Company__c Subcompany2 = NeW             

        Subcompany2.Name = Subcompany.Name; 
        Subcompany2.Address__c = Subcompany.Address__c;
        Subcompany2.Website__c = Subcompany.Website__c;
        Subcompany2.City__c = Subcompany.City__c;
        Subcompany2.Pre_Qualified__c  = Subcompany.Pre_Qualified__c;
        Subcompany2.State__c = Subcompany.State__c;
        Subcompany2.License_Number__c = Subcompany.License_Number__c;
        Subcompany2.Zip__c = Subcompany.Zip__c;
        Subcompany2.Main_Phone_Number__c = Subcompany.Main_Phone_Number__c;
        Subcompany2.Trade__c = Subcompany.Trade__c;

        Insert Subcompany2;

When I try to save I am getting the error-message "Attempt to de-reference a NULL Object".

Getting error message as below:

System.NullPointerException: Attempt to de-reference a null object Error is in expression '{!Save}' in component in page subcontractcompanyvfpage: Class.SubContractorController2.Save: line 11, column 1 Class.SubContractorController2.Save: line 11, column 1

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    Please add the complete error message including the line that causes the error. Furthermore, as line numbers aren't displayed on stackexchange, please add the code on this line as a separate part of your question. Thank you! – Markus Slabina May 22 '17 at 15:01
  • Are you trying to achieve a custom clone? If so, you should be writing an extension, not a controller. – Adrian Larson May 22 '17 at 15:16

You need to actually instantiate subCompany. Add a constructor to your controller:

public with sharing class MyController
    // properties

    public MyController()
        subCompany = new MyObject__c();

    // methods

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