list<Book__c> b = [select id ,account__c,Account1__c from Book__c ];

list<account> acc = new list<account>([select id,name from account where name in :b.account__c]);

Line: 4, Column: 83
Initial term of field expression must be a concrete SObject: List

  • account__C contain account name – pravin May 22 '17 at 12:31

In your code b is a list of objects. This would compile:

where name in :b[0].account__c

but is probably not what you want as it is only then looking at the first item.

Perhaps you want something like this is what you need:

// Get the set of accounts first
Set<String> accounts = new Set<String>();
for (Book__c b : [select account__c from Book__c where account__c != null]) {

list<account> acc = [select id,name from account where name in :accounts];

If Book__c.Account__c is an Id, you should be matching the Id field in your second query.

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  • this code work for me.. Book__c.Account__c is not id it is name of account. – pravin May 24 '17 at 4:47
  • can you guide me more.. now I have taken lookup field of account on book__c now what i want whatever name in account__c that account should append to that lookup field how shall i do that.. i written code which now work for me see below – pravin May 24 '17 at 4:50

IN used to compare any field with List of available values. From the error message it is quite clear that b.account__c is not of type list. Refer below example:

List<String> accountNames = new List<String>();

list<account> acc = new list<account>([select id,name from account where name in :accountNames]);
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Salesforce can give some pretty unhelpful errors at time. This one isn't the clearest, but if you pause for a moment and take a good look at it, it starts to make sense.

Besides the line number, this is the most important part of the error:

must be a concrete SObject: List

So somewhere, on that line, Salesforce is expecting an SObject, but you're giving Salesforce a List.

We know it's on line 4. A SOQL query returns a List, and you're storing the result in a List, so there's no problem there (you actually don't need to use the List constructor here, or do any casting for that matter, but that's beside the point).

The only other place on line 4 that can be causing your error is this:

where name in :b.account__c

If we take a look at the lines above, b is defined as a List<Book__c>. This fits the error that you're getting. b is a List, but using dot notation to reference a field is something that needs to be done on an SObject.

Your list stored in b does contain Book__c records (Book__c is also an SObject), so to be able to access the Account__c field, you need access to one of the actual records in your list (for which you'd use [<some integer>] or .get(<some integer>)).

At the very least (and I do emphasize that this is the very least you could do), to make this work, you'd do the following

// I've omitted the rest of the query for brevity
// Notice how we use square brackets before trying to reference the field
// Apex is 0-indexed, meaning the first item in the array is at index 0 (instead of 1)
where name in :b[0].account__c];

Keith C's answer goes over better practices for accomplishing what you're looking to do.

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  • yes it work properly but it work for only particular index record. – pravin May 24 '17 at 4:45
list<Book__c> b = [select id,name,account__c,Account1__c from Book__c ];

list<string> s = new list<string>();
Map<Id,account> newmap = new Map<Id,account>();    

for(book__c b1 : b){

list<account> acc =[select id,name from account where name IN :s];

for(account a : acc){



for(account a1 : acc){
       for(book__c b1 : b){ 
               if(b1.Account1__c != null){}
                    if(b1.account__c == a1.name){

                        b1.Account1__c = a1.id;
update b; 

how to solve it by using map..

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  • This should be a new question not an answer. In the question give the type of the fields account___c and Account1__c and explain what you want to happen and what is happening. The normal way to relate two objects is using the Id value; if you also want a separate name field you can use a formula for that, but most Salesforce user interface will automatically present the name in place of the Id value so a separate name field isn't needed. – Keith C May 24 '17 at 8:29
  • account___c is text field which contains account name... I have exitsing data now I want to take lookup field Account1__c on book__c and fill this by account whos name in account__C... so by above program it solve but As I am new in apex i not able to solve it using map – pravin May 25 '17 at 10:25
  • if you want more information let me know – pravin May 25 '17 at 10:25

Where Condition Should be Return Name But It is Compared By Ids. You Should be Compare with Id's. Like [select id,name from Account where id : b.account__c];

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  • 1
    Does not address the issue. Will throw same error – Eric May 22 '17 at 13:08
  • account__C is text field which contains account name. and now i am taking lookup field of account on book__C. now i want who name in account__c field that account should reflect in lookup field – pravin May 25 '17 at 10:28

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