Hii We have created a customer community .

With the help of GoDaddy we have created the CNAME for the site "www.shipman.us" and we are able to redirect to the page


but as like normal shipping portal sites like amazon.com we don't want the URL to change while redirecting .

We want the URL to be like


How can we achieve this requirement. Is there any property in salesforce which will help us achieve this .If not how can we achieve the same?

Please guide


You can register a domain into Salesforce by using the following steps from the configuration guide.

  • Creating a CNAME entry in your DNS
  • Adding the Custom Domain information in Salesforce
  • Adding HTTPS support to custom domains

The CNAME record takes time to propagate through DNS so that can be found when you do the subsequent steps.

Setup Custom Domain

This is a 2 step process, first you'll need to add the domain information to your org, and then you'll map the custom domain to your Salesforce Site.

Add the domain information to your Salesforce Org

Small Alert Icon NOTE: CNAME propagation needs to be complete before you can perform this next set of steps.

  1. In your Salesforce Org, click Setup.
  2. Under "Administer," Click Domain Management | click Domains.
  3. Click Add A Domain.
  4. Enter your custom domain in the Domain Name field.

After adding to domain add the Custom URL for the site.

Going to Setup>Administration>Domain Management>Domains Select the domain you added Click new Custom URL - then you can edit the URL to set it up for the site.

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