Is there a way to change the number of columns available in the standard record list view in lightning community? I notice that there's a limit of 4 fields. The full layout for the record list component can display more fields, but I don't want any editing allowed for any field.

This standard record list component in the community builder.

This is the layout use for the record list.


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You cannot edit the Out of the Box Record List component. You can only change the component based on the available properties which are displayed from the builder: enter image description here

As per the records being editable, you can chose the standard layout which will remove the buttons and using CSS throught the branding editor:

enter image description here

Using the appropriate scope. You can hide a column using CSS as well as disable the pointer event:

pointer-events: none;

But please note that this is not a best practice.

Further details on the Records List functionality can be found in the release notes.

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