I have created a Junction-Object between Opportunity and a Custom Object we use.

On each of the custom objects, there is a drop-down field of fulfillment.

On Opportunity, I need to know, how many of the custom objects of that Opportunity have reached fulfillment on a certain date.

I created a roll-up summary on Opportunity to count the number of custom objects, but I can't filter by the fulfillment value.

I would like to show, for example: if 4 out of 5 objects are fulfilled - to display 80%, etc..

A datefield I added is: Fulfillment-Date - that is set when a custom-object has reached fulfillment

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This can be accomplished with a formula field and 2 roll-up summaries:

  1. Roll-up summary which counts the total count() of the custom objects
  2. Roll-up summary which counts the count() of the custom objects which are fulfilled
  3. Formula field which divides #2 by #1 and outputs a percent value.

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