I want to show page block as a popup when a button in clicked.

<apex:pageBlock><apex:commandButton value="Test Popup" /></apex:pageBlock><apex:pageBlock id="pb1"></apex:pageBlock>

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Have a look at the following UI elements:

both can be used easily by either referencing a div container as content or loading an external page as an iframe. So using the div or apex:outputPanel just fill it with your pageBlock content somewhere in the page, hide it and call your dialog to display it, like (jquery example):

//don't forget to include jquery and jqueryUI as static resources

<apex:commandButton onclick="openDialog();" value="Open Dialog"/>    

<div id="dialog" style="display: none;">
    ... // your pageBlock content goes here


    function openDialog(){
       $( "#dialog" ).dialog();


There are lots of options to tweak dialogs and ExtJs has the advantage that the libraries are already available as salesforce uses them heavily.

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