I want to insert multiple records at a time, but whenever i try to insert a record and add to table all previous records get changed to the recent one.enter image description here

Here's the code enter image description here

VF Page

<apex:page standardController="Position__c" extensions="PositionExtension">
    <apex:form >
        <apex:pagemessages ></apex:pagemessages>
        <apex:pageBlock >            
            <apex:pageBlockButtons location="bottom">
                <apex:commandButton action="{!Add_Row}" value="Add Row" rerender="positions" />

            <apex:pageBlockSection title="Position" columns="2">
                <apex:inputField value="{!Position__c.Name}" required="true"/>
                <apex:inputField value="{!Position__c.Status__c}"/>
                <apex:inputField value="{!Position__c.Location__c}"/>
                <apex:inputField value="{!Position__c.Type__c}"/>
                <apex:inputField value="{!Position__c.Open_Date__c}"/>
                <apex:inputField value="{!Position__c.Hire_By__c}"/>
                <apex:inputField value="{!Position__c.Close_Date__c}"/>
                 <apex:pageBlockSectionItem /> <apex:pageBlockSectionItem /> 
                <apex:inputField value="{!Position__c.Functional_Area__c}"/>
                <apex:pageBlockSectionItem /> 
                <apex:inputField value="{!Position__c.Job_Level__c}"/>
                <apex:pageBlockSectionItem /> <apex:pageBlockSectionItem /> 
                <apex:inputField value="{!Position__c.Min_Pay__c}"/>
                <apex:inputField value="{!Position__c.Max_Pay__c}"/>

        <apex:pageBlock >
           <apex:pageBlockTable id="positions" value="{!allrecords}" var="Position">
                <apex:column value="{!Position.Name}"/>
                <apex:column value="{!Position.Status__c}"/>
                <apex:column value="{!Position.Location__c}"/>
                <apex:column value="{!Position.Type__c}"/>
                <apex:column value="{!Position.Open_Date__c}"/>
                <apex:column value="{!Position.Hire_By__c}"/>
                <apex:column value="{!Position.Close_Date__c}"/>
                <apex:column value="{!Position.Job_Level__c}"/>
                <apex:column value="{!Position.Functional_Area__c}"/>
                <apex:column value="{!Position.Min_Pay__c}"/>
                <apex:column value="{!Position.Max_Pay__c}"/>

            <apex:pageBlockButtons location="bottom">
                <apex:commandButton action="{!save}" value="Save" />


  • Can you post the VF code as well? Also are you re-rendering the list of records? May 18 '17 at 12:13

The reason behind this is record is not getting instantiate again. So you need to instantiate record again with new. Update Add_Row method as below.

Position__c anotherRecord = new Position__c();
anotherRecord.Name = record.Name;
anotherRecord.Status__c = record.Status__c;
  similarly copy other fileds as well for this new insatance
  • not working! after implementing this, it is redefining the allrecords list too. May 18 '17 at 12:45
  • UPDATE! As the record is set in constructor, it get executed only once, and when we reinitialize record , record returns empty for every Add_Row() method call. May 18 '17 at 12:53
  • @SaumyaGaikwad pls check above answer I have updated it. Because every time while adding records to list it suppose to be new. I hope this will help you. May 18 '17 at 13:19
  • Great! wow.... I had almost lost hope on this! Thankyou May 19 '17 at 4:27
  • Is there any way to iterate over the fields available in the current context of controller to this scenario. I mean all the fields accessed in the VF will be available in the 'record = (Position__c)controller.getRecord(); ' context. Any way to iterate the fields too? May 19 '17 at 4:57

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