I'm familiar with the standard report URL parameters (pv0, pc0, etc.) as discussed in this question but they don't appear to work for cross object filters. I am reporting on Accounts and trying to dynamically set the following filter:

Accounts without Contacts
      Type EQUALS {!from_url}

Is there a URL parameter that will work for this or another way to dynamically fill in the filters and run this report?

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I know this is old, but check out this site, it is definitely possible.


This posts lists the following parameters:

ptable0 – This parameter corresponds to the main object in your report. I haven’t quite figured out what goes here, but it seems to be CUST_ID for custom objects and [OBJECT NAME]_ID for standard objects.

ocond0 – Use w for with and wo for without

rtable0 – This is the cross filtered object. It should be the object name for standard objects and the object ID for custom ones.

rtablecol0 – This is the column on the cross filtered object that corresponds to the parent object. For standard objects, use the field name and and for custom objects, use the field ID.

sfpc0_0 – This is the field to filter on. For standard objects, use the field name and and for custom objects, use the field ID.

sfpn0_0 – This is the filter operator. It can be values such as eq, ne, gt, lt, ge, le.

sfpv0_0 – This is the value you want to filter on.


I tried to find one a while back and came up short. I don't believe this exists.

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