So I have a monthly payment $ value pulled from a field "payment__c" and its increases by 10% for every month for 12 months. i want to pull this in the child object and display that using a table in VF page. Such as

Month    Amount

Jan      $100 
Feb      $110 (increases by 10% every row)
March    $121

I am not able to find the code to just build a simple html table without data unless you have records you want to display. I assumed there was a FOR LOOP type option. I need to get started all examples seem to have a controller while I think since I am multiplying a single value it should be simpler.

Appreciate your help !

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  • updated my description with the request – CalSFDC May 17 '17 at 21:09

You will need to use a wrapper class, the wrapper class should have two variables for your two columns. You can then put your data in to a list of this data type.

   public class ClassController {

     public List<DataWrapper> lTableData;

     // In the constructor for the ClassController
     // Populate the lTableData list (in a for loop )and then use that in 
        your data table
     // e.g. lTableData.add(new DataWrapper('Jan', 100)); etc

        public class DataWrapper{

           public String month;
           public Integer amount;

           public DataWrapper(String month, Integer amount){
               this.month = month;
               this.amount = amount;

More info here: https://developer.salesforce.com/page/Wrapper_Class

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