I have a junction object TargetxOpp which is a detail record, in Master-Detail Relationships with Opportunities & Targets.

I am retrieving the TargetxOpp records via an SOQL query, looping through a list of the parent Opportunities & adding the TargetxOpp to different lists.

for(Opportunity o : [SELECT Id, RecordTypeId,
                    (SELECT Id, Target__r.Date_Type__c
                       FROM TargetxOpp__r)
                       FROM Opportunity
                      WHERE (Id IN :reassignedOpps OR Id IN :oppsWNewCD OR Id IN :oppsWNewVerticals)])
 >                if (o.TargetxOpp__r.Target__r.Date_Type__c == 'Created Date' &&
                      } else {

When I try to evaluate the retrived TargetxOpp records on this line (I've added a > pointing to the line in the above code) -

if (o.TargetxOpp__r.Target__r.Date_Type__c == 'Created Date' &&

Note - that object does not have an 's' as it's plural label or the child relationship name for the lookup to the Opportunity.

I hit an error -

Invalid foreign key relationship: Opportunity.TargetxOpp__r

& I assume that, that's because the query is retrieving a list of TargetxOpp records, rather than a single record.

I know that I could add those records to a list & then work through them but I'd rather not use a 2nd for loop to do so & I'm hoping that I can assess the TargetxOpp child records within the above query's for loop instead. Is this possible or is the for loop not cycling through the retrieved child records too?


The child records are a collection, so you cannot reference properties on that List<SObject> as if they were a single record. You can iterate:

for (Opportunity record : [/*query*/])
    for (Opportunity child : record.TargetxOpp__r)
        if (child.Target__r.Date_Type__c == 'Created Date')
            // do stuff

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