I saw that we can't pass the Map<String,List<String>> to REST post method. So I decided to go with the json as like below. Will REST allow to post this similar json to REST?

    'Emp01' : 'XXXX',
    'PermissionSetName' : { 'PermissionSet1:True',
        'Emp02' : 'XXXX',
        'PermissionSetName' : { 'PermissionSet1:False',
  • Please add one more { backet, so that JSON format gets correct first. Try & let me know – user4567570 May 17 '17 at 10:07

Send a proper json to handle or normalise it in server side


send json like below format

"status": "Pending",
"listName": "Signed Confis",
"deal": "R23WDS23FEWS32WQS",
"notes": "",
"contacts": [
    {"con": "23EWDD23RD23","primary": true},
    {"con": "1D12EDX23D33","primary": false}

Server side

public without sharing class YourClassName { 

    public class FormData {
        public String status;
        public String listName;
        public String deal;
        public String notes;
        public ContactObj[] contacts;       

    public static String[] saveAddInvestorDeal(String jsonStr){
       FormData data = (FormData) JSON.deserialize(jsonStr, YourClassName.FormData.class);      
       Opportunity opp = [Select RecordType.Name from Opportunity where id=:data.deal][0];
  • Don't you think that class and method should be global. And also have some urlMapping and @HttpPost. If you could add that, then it would be much better. – Rohit Mourya May 17 '17 at 10:37

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