I know you can edit records (including Work orders) in Salesforce1 but when i am trialling Field Service I cannot edit a Work order.

My user is now set to the System Administrator profile so I can't believe their are missing permissions.

The documentation states with the app you:

The mobile solution provides access to critical information regardless of connectivity, and uses automated processes to support a full range of fi eld activities, from sending and receiving real-time job updates to managing work orders and speeding up manual administrative work. It even enables users to generate reports, access knowledge articles, update parts required, and capture a customer’s signature.

It states "managing work orders" as a feature but I can only see features for creating a service report, a new task, opening in salesforce1, adding to the feed and getting directions.




There are a few ways, the simplest being:

  1. In setup go to "field service mobile settings"
  2. Select "Show Edit Full Record"

The other options are to use Quick Actions, for example: empowering users with quick actions

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  • Thanks, it's so obvious - I must have looked at that page a few times. I think we will aim to use quick actions for better control but until then the edit full record mode is useful. Thanks. – sfdc_beginner1 May 20 '17 at 17:17
  • thanks! this has helped. – vilelam Apr 3 at 20:22

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