I'm looking to create a formula field that stamps the running user's ID on the Campaign Member Object when a status is set to "MD Approved". Once that UserID is populated on the Campaign Member record, how can I get a user lookup set to link to that user on the same record?

THank you!


You do not need formula. Formula will be evaluated each time even the record is not edited. You can directly fill lookup field on Campaign Member. $User global variable can be used to get current user ID.

A global merge field type to use when referencing information about the current user. User merge fields can reference information about the user such as alias, title, and ID. Most of the fields available on the User standard object are also available on $User.

You can write a workflow rule having criteria as:

      AND (
             ISPICKVAL(Status__c,'MD Approved'),

Update lookup field directly. Field update would as below:


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