Our requirement is to deploy a public site and community we created from the sandbox to the production org.

If we have to create a new community and public site, we will have to make changes in the page links that are available on the public site.

Is there a process to deploy a public site and community without creating new ones in the production org?

  • Public Force.com sites can be deployed using metadata type CustomSite - see answer
    – cropredy
    Mar 13 at 22:10

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Not as far as I know.

To keep a Site working in multiple orgs, grab information from the Site class rather than hard-coding. For example:

Returns the URL path prefix of the current site or an empty string if none. For example, if the requested site URL is http://myco.force.com/partners, then /partners is the path prefix. If the current request is not a site request, then this method returns an empty string.

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