I have below code where I face error as incompatible type. Can someone please help me resolve it? I can't get how to populate it.

Apex Code

 Map<Id,List<Account_Territory_Loader_vod__c>> accATLMap = new Map<Id,List<Account_Territory_Loader_vod__c>>();
for(Account_Territory_Loader_vod__c atl: atlList) {

 if(accATLMap.get(atl.account_vod__c) == null)
 accATLMap.put(atl.account_vod__c,atl); // This line gets error out


you can use below code to get your desired Map : -

for(Account_Territory_Loader_vod__c atl: atlList) {
    if(accATLMap.containsKey(atl.account_vod__c) && accATLMap.get(atl.account_vod__c) != null) {
        List<Account_Territory_Loader_vod__c> lst_terr = accATLMap.get(atl.account_vod__c);
    else {
        accATLMap.put(atl.account_vod__c, new List<Account_Territory_Loader_vod__c> {atl});

hope it solve your purpose.


You're trying to put an instance of Account_Territory_Loader_vod__c into a list of Account_Territory_Loader_vod__c.


You need to instantiate a new list for each key in your map, and then add the element to the list:

// Check whether the value for that key exists
if (accATLMap.get(atl.account_vod__c) == null)
    // instantiate a new list
    accATLMap.put(atl.account_vod__c, new List <Account_Territory_Loader_vod__c> ());

// add the element to the list

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