I have a logic issue with the next code which I cannot manage to solve. I will receive a Map<String, List<Sobject>> recordsMap and I need to match the String which will be the object name and get the List and match it with the mapping fields

public List<SubsExtendedInfo> generateWrapperInfo (Map<String, List<Sobject>> recordsMap){
        //object Name >> records

        Map<String, SubscriberMapping__c> mappingFieldsMap = SubscriberMapping__c.getAll();

        // This mappingFieldsMap has the name of the object with the mapping fields
        // The obj name should match with the map string and then by its name get the equivalent mapping fields List<Sobject> - mappingFieldsMap

       // mappingFieldsMap.get(Key).SF_Object_API_Name__c
       // This is the object name field from the mappingFieldsMap
        return null;

I cannot figure out how to do it, could anyone help me?

SubscriberMapping__c Structure

Product Field Name || FieldName__c

Object API Name || SF_Object_API_Name__c

SF_Field_API_Name || SF_Field_API_Name__c

SubscriberMapping__c Values

Name || Product Field Name || Object API Name || SF_Field_API_Name

Contact-Email || Email || Contact || Email

Contact-First Name || First Name || Contact || FirstName

And the Map will the String for the obj name and List is the object with its fields and values, the fields are the same as SF_Field_API_Name in the custom setting.

So I should match the obj name and then the field names to get its values.

  • can you post a picture of custom settings and the values of recordsMap Commented May 15, 2017 at 19:24
  • I have added all the data I have, the custom setting structure and 2 rows as example of what it has.
    – BoDiE2003
    Commented May 15, 2017 at 19:43

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If I can understand your requirement correctly, here will be the code.

public List<SubsExtendedInfo> generateWrapperInfo (Map<String, List<Sobject>> recordsMap){

Map<String, SubscriberMapping__c> mappingFieldsMap = SubscriberMapping__c.getAll();

    for(String str:mappingFieldsMap.keyset())
        SubscriberMapping__c mc = SubscriberMapping__c.getValues(str);

        //retrieve values based on key
        String objectAPIName = mc.get('Object API Name');
        String strSF_Field_API_Name = mc.get('SF_Field_API_Name');

        //compare with the values passed as argument in this method.
            //get the list of SObject
            List<Sobject> lst = recordsMap.get(objectAPIName);

            //loop through the list
            for(Sobject sobj:lst)
                //print the values from SObject where API name will from custom settings.
                System.debug('print the values=' + sobj.get(strSF_Field_API_Name))

  • 1
    Yes the approach works for me to understand how to iterate over the method args. Thank you
    – BoDiE2003
    Commented May 15, 2017 at 20:31

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