In the custom record page for an object, can I show or hide tabs based on record type? For example, I want to show a tab "Incident Details" if record is an Incident and "Service Request Details" if record is a Service Request

  • You can create multiple lightning pages and bind them to the record types when they become activated. – Drew Kennedy Mar 5 at 0:00

If you have a small number of combinations of tabs, for each combination:

  1. Create a Formula Checkbox that is true only when you have this combination
  2. On the Record Lightning Page, create a Tabs Component and include tabs appropiate for this combination. Then add a Filter for this combination's Tabs under Set Component Visability using the Formula Checkbox from above.

I'm researching if there is a better way since my implementation has a large number of combinations: 9!

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Please vote for this idea (Lightning tabs - tab visibility filters) to add visibility filters for individual tabs in lightning tabs.

When I need to provide functionality for a specific subset of people it's not practical to provide a whole separate tab set for each possible combination of features. It'd be great to be able to toggle visibility of individual tabs.

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Another solution could be if you add two set up tab components in record page and give them different visibility condition.

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