Say we have a Pardot Prospect field 'Interests' and someone would update that field, either they themselves using a form or we do it through the Pardot UI (if we're on the phone with them).

Then how can I send out an email saying 'Thanks for updating your interests' every time they/we change that field?

I can use an automation rule, but that only matches once. So that does not cover the case when we update the field multiple times.

I can create a completion action on a form (which runs on every submit), but that doesn't cover the usecase that I change the 'Interests' field through the UI or the API etc.

Any other options?

  • Hi Willem did you find a solution already?
    – Fred
    Jul 1, 2017 at 16:06
  • No not really, unfortunately. We've started to look into other soloutions as well, because it seems to be too difficult in Pardot at this time. Jul 3, 2017 at 17:17
  • Good news I guess, see my answer
    – Fred
    Jul 3, 2017 at 20:06

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Pardot: June 29, 2017

Pardot Automation Rules now have ‘repeat’ functionality. This new feature allows the User to determine if an Automation Rule should be allowed to match a prospect more than once.

Source: Pardot blog | Automation Rule Repeat Functionality

  • That's exactly what I needed! Thanks so much for sharing! Jul 3, 2017 at 20:59

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