I am trying to use Process Builder to launch a Visual Workflow in Salesforce.

The Flow should trigger whenever a Contact Record is created or edited to meet certain criteria: "Qualification" = "Marketing Qualified"

I have an input text only variable in my Flow called {!varContactID}. When I try and set the value of the variable using a Reference Type in Process Builder, I can't select Contact ID from the dropdown menu - only the Contact ID (18) field is available.

As a work around, I set the {!varContactID} variable as a Formula Type using the Formula [Contact].Id. I've also tried using the Reference Type with the `Contact ID (18) field - but neither seems to work. I don't see any errors with the Flow - but the value I'm trying to update on the Contact Record isn't populating.

I've tested my Flow manually (via Flow URL) and it worked as expected. I also created an Assignment Element at the beginning of my Flow and manually assigned a Contact ID to the {!varContactID} variable. The Flow worked as expected here as well.

So, it appears that the problem here lies in Process Builder or at least how Process Builder is communicating to Flow. Any ideas?

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In the process builder you need use reference as follows:

process bulider

Sample flow looks like this:

This flow, takes the id from parameter and updates an checkbox to true of the Contact record.


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