I have to profile layouts named with brackets in the name.
When retrieved the package xml have them listed as:

<members>My layout (version 1)</members><br/>

and the content of the layout folder lists as:

My layout %28version 1%29.layout

I am having problems with deploying the custom profiles.
So far putting this variations into package.xml did not work

My layout %28;version 1%29.layout
My layout &#40;version 1&#41;.layout
My layout (version 1).layout

What should I put into package.xml to get them deployed? Thanks

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I think you're pretty close with the first variation you tried, but you didn't need the ending ;. Perhaps you've mistake the syntax for HTML entity escaping? In any case, it should be:

My layout %28version 1%29.layout

and not:

My layout %28;version 1%29.layout


sorry ignore this it was windows saving my files with xml.txt.
Please don't buy your developers this little devil's inventions.
the %28 version worked

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