I'm trying to query an entitlement process with a specific name to dynamically assign it to an account based on certain criteria. I can't seem to get the query correct. I googled around and the object is supposed to be EntitlementProcess but it doesn't seem to work.

My query looks like this:

EntitlementProcess sla =[Select id from EntitlementProcess Where Name='SLA Tracx'];

What am I doing wrong here?

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Actual Object name to access from API is SlaProcess and in UI it is EntitlementProcess

SELECT Id, description, name From SlaProcess Where Name='SLA Tracx'

Ideally Account will linked with Entitlement and Entitlement is linked with SlaProcess (aka EntitlementProcess).

So your query to get AccountId based on Entitlement and SlaProcess will be:

SELECT AccountId, Name 
FROM Entitlement 
WHERE SlaProcessId IN (
    SELECT Id 
    From SlaProcess 
    Where Name='SLA Tracx')

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