Essentially what I want to do is search my list of objects which are pushed using my handle products function. Once the list has been populated I need to search if the list.CardType contains "Card Present" then set a variable in my component to True. I am being shown this error, but I have done some checks and its lead me to believe my handleNext function is the problem.

Any Ideas?


Uncaught Action failed: c:AddProductsComponent$controller$handleNext [Cannot read property '0' of undefined]

<aura:attribute name="productList"  type="List"/>


handleProduct: function(cmp, evt, helper){
var ProductId = cmp.find("productType").get("v.value"); 
var ProductName = cmp.find("productType").get("v.value");
var MIDname = cmp.get("v.selectedRecord.Name");
var MIDid = cmp.get("v.selectedRecord.Id");
var cardType = cmp.get("v.cardType");
var PL = cmp.get("v.productList");
cmp.set("v.options", ProductName);
/* Creating the new product to add to the list. */
var product = {
    MID: MIDname,
    MIDid: MIDid,
    CardType: cardType,
    ProductId: ProductId,
    Name: ProductName}; 
/* Pushed the new product to the list to update the main list  */

/* Updating the product list with new product. */
cmp.set("v.productList", PL); 

 handleNext: function(cmp, evt){
     list = cmp.get("v.productList");
     for (var i = 0; i < list.length; i++) {
        if (list[i].CardType == 'Card Present') {
        cmp.set("v.showCP", true);

    cmp.set("v.showHome", false);

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list[i].CardType is causing the problem, when i = 0, it's trying to dereference list[0], but list is undefined. Start by logging the value of v.productList before that loop, and working backwards from there, to see what's going on.


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