Getting CPU time out error for below code:

Public class ResponseTimeCal
    Public boolean isFirst= True;
    Public DateTime BalVar;
    Public long BalHours;
    Public Long seconds,minutes,hours,milliseconds;
    Public void ResponseTimeCalMeth()
        list<opportunity> l1 =[select Response_Date__c,createdDate,ownerID,Response_check__c  from opportunity where id in:Trigger.newMap.keySet()];
        for(opportunity oppObj:l1)
        {//opportunity oldOpp = System.Trigger.oldMap.get(oppObj.Id);
                oppObj.Response_Date__c = system.now();
                system.debug('@@@Response date is' + oppObj.Response_Date__c );

    Public void ResponseTimeCal(Datetime startDate, Datetime endDate)
        system.debug('@@@method called');
                milliseconds = startDate.getTime();
                BalVar = startDate;
                seconds = milliseconds / 1000;
                minutes = seconds / 60;
                hours = minutes / 60;
                BalHours = hours - 17;
                BalVar = BalVar.addDays(1);
                //valueof(oppObj.createdDate.format(‘MMMMM dd,yyyy hh:mm:ss a’));
                system.debug('Value of BalVar'+ BalHours);

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You have a while loop that may never exit, because there are iterations where you do not increment startDate. If you never enter your if condition, you never increment startDate, and you will basically have while(true) with no break until you completely consume your CPU Limit. Move this line outside the conditional:

startDate = startDate.addDays(1);

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