Recently we have asked Salesforce team to look into one issue specific to one org. They have deployed a patch for same in that org. Is there any way, we can track the patches deployed by Salesforce team in the org.

  • Ideally it would be done by Unmanaged or Managed package if it contains any code or metadata. From setup, navigate to Build -> Installed Packages and check if there are any packages.
    – Raul
    May 8 '17 at 8:12
  • I've checked the installed packages. No recent changes are there
    – RSG
    May 8 '17 at 8:24

Salesforce mentions the current patch revision on Salesforce Status. Click on your pod and you'll see the revision at the top of the page:



You can view a specific patch revision using the Revision Index. Note that this page tends to lag behind Salesforce Status. For example, at the time of this answer, SPRING '17 PATCH 20.3 shows no data, and the page claims that all instances are currently on patch 18.3. Also keep in mind that not all releases may disclose what was included. Here's a recent example that shows included fixes: SPRING '17 PATCH 20.0.

Typically, you'll get a link from Support when they tell you that feature/fix XYZ will be patched in a particular version; you can use those links to view the status of the patch.

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