Where is stored information that user grants for connected application to access force.com. After user grants for connected app on following question : "An application would like to connect to your SalesForce.com " where is that stored ?

As I can see it is not in cookie. When I remove all of the force.com cookies, connected app is still in position to access force.com on behalf of the specific user. That is stored in database or somewhere ? How I can (as an user) to manage this to prohibit further access for some connected application that I granted before to access force.com?


Go to Setup | Personal Information > Personal > Advanced User Details Here you will get a list of all applications to which you have granted access to your information. In OAuth Connected App, you can revoke access for an application.

Admins can control the duration of access for a given connected app - go to Setup | Administration Setup | Manage Apps | Connected Apps and click on an app. From the docs:

Require Users to Log In specifies how frequently a user must log in to maintain the permissions their client application needs from the connected app. You may specify that they only need to log in the first time they use the app, every time they use it, after a certain period of inactivity, or after a certain period of time.

  • Thank you, is there time out for these data or they are lifetime ?
    – Rastko
    Sep 26 '13 at 12:33
  • 1
    Admins can control the duration of access - see the edit I just made to responsive's answer.
    – metadaddy
    Sep 26 '13 at 16:40

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