I have two lists that I am trying to combine to get one list of pets available for adoption (not really, but it's less boring than reality):

List<puppy> puppies = [SELECT Color, Name, Age, PetStores__r.Location, PetStores__r.Section FROM puppy];

List<kitten> kittens = [SELECT Color, Name, Age, PetStores__r.Location, PetStores__r.Section FROM kitten];

I'm running through all results in kitten and casting them to the superior puppy category. But I am getting stuck on figuring out how to add the PetStores fields to the puppy list.

for (kitten k : kittens){
    Puppy p = new Puppy();
    p.Color = k.Color;
    p.PetStores__r.Location = k.PetStores__r.Location; //This is where I am getting lost. Is this possible?

The above gives me a de-reference a null object error on the noted line. Is there something easy that I'm missing? Thanks!

p.PetStores__r.Location = k.PetStores__r.Location; 

PetStores__r needs to be populated first:

if(p.PetStores__r == null) {
  p.PetStores__r = new PetStore__c();
p.PetStores__r.Location = k.PetStores__r.Location;
  • If the goal is to save to the database, this would never work, right? – Adrian Larson May 3 '17 at 16:28
  • Thank you! This got me exactly what I needed - though I will not be saving anything, per Adrian's question. – mplax May 3 '17 at 16:31
  • @mplax Glad I could help! As Adrian set, remember you'd have to set the PetStores__c field to the correct PetStore__c Id if you did want to save to the database, but that's about it. – sfdcfox May 3 '17 at 16:34

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