I am trying to send push notification from marketing cloud to android app as part of a POC.

I have tried the following steps:

  1. Created google project and imported to firebase. Took the legacy server key generated in the firebase to create an app center application wherein Access token and AppID

  2. Downloaded the Learning app and make appropriate changes to the android files(secrets.xml) and run the app on a physical device connected via USB.

  3. Created a contact in Marketing cloud(MC) with contact key(emailId), platform(Android),DeviceID(obtained from android studio logs), System token(from Android studio logs).

  4. Created a schedule push message using the application created in the app center and sent to a list which contains the contact imported in step 3.

But I am unable to receive any notification. The changes on android side are complete as on trying to send notification directly from firebase by making http request online, I am able to receive the notification. There seems to be some sort of connection missing between app center and firebase. Is there any way i can find/debug the connection between MC/App center and firebase.

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