I want to copy one of my org into a new org because I need to test my changes in one test org before pushing the data to the "official" one. To be clear, I need to copy the data and the metadata. I figured out how to copy the metadata using ant, but I still can't find an elegant way to copy the data itself.

I am looking for a one-click migration tool that will copy all the cases/account/custom objects, knowledge articles etc.. from the official org to my test org.

Anyone knows a good tool that will allow me to do that? If not, do you know the best way to do that?


The best way to do this would be a sandbox. I suggest a full sandbox.

Full Sandbox

Full sandboxes copy your entire production organization and all its data, including standard and custom object records, documents, and attachments. You can refresh a Full sandbox every 29 days.

Unfortunately, this requires more licensing, but it is a 1 button tool that will copy all of your metadata and data into a separate test org. It is exactly what you are looking for I believe.

If you aren't using a sandbox, you will have to use the Data Loader (for data) and the Force.com Migration Tool (for metadata). However, that isn't a one click solution. The properly load in objects with the data loader, specifically objects with relationships to other objects, it can get a bit tricky.

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