I am following this tutorial for creating a custom activity:


It says to :

In update-case config, replace 'your-activity-customer-key' with the interaction-unique 'key' value (ie. REST-1) for create-case activity. You can get it by querying for details about your interaction:

Authorization: Bearer <token>
Content-Type: application/json
GET https://jbinteractions.exacttargetapps.com/fuelapi/interaction/v1/interactions/<guid>?extras=all&versionNumber=9

I have tried querying this endpoint and got a 404 error. Is this dated? What new endpoint should I be targeting to get this value?


Here is the correct GET endpoint for you to use:


You can retrieve the guid value from the Journey URL. The guid appears between the %23 string (a URL encoded # character) and before the / character. For an example, see the Interaction identifier highlighted below.



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